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Heel de aarde is je vaderland - The whole world is your fatherland

My mother is Danish and my father is Dutch. My parents met in Spain, and my father took his motorcycle from Netherlands to Denmark to visit my mother. From then on, he decided to stay. I grew up in Denmark and I'm currently doing my Erasmus study in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I am studying Maritime law in Denmark.

Copenhagen is a maritime city as well as Rotterdam, so it made sense for me to choose to come to Rotterdam from the different options I had - as well as studying in country my father is from.

I'll be there for half a year then go back to Denmark to finish my studies. What I like about this study is that it's a niche area of study but I'm not actually sure which direction I will choose to go to when I go back to Denmark. I'll have to figure out if I want to continue in this direction.

When I stepped out from Rotterdam Central Station and the buildings rose above me, it did quite an impression on me. It's a really cool city. It isn't far from the Danish culture, and wasn't so much of a culture shock when I arrived.

I wish I could speak Dutch because when I say my dad is Dutch everyone asks if I speak the language. I like how international Rotterdam is because everyone is used to speaking English so it makes me feel quite at home here.

I saw a nice quote that fits how I feel studying here in Rotterdam: "Heel de aarde is je vaderland". The literal translation is that the whole world is your fatherland. Erasmus also uses the same quote and I feel as if this speaks to me as I am in my father's country and I do feel at home.