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My baby outfit

My name is James. I am 8 years old and I have a special Baby outfit. It came with me from the Hague to Waasenaar. It is soft, furry and smooth and have tiny hair that tickle a bit. It is important to me because it reminds me of how tall I am, compared to when I was a baby. It is tiny and cute. It smells of vinegar, it sounds solid when it lands on wood or something harder because it has buttons. In January my mum bought it for me or else I would pee awkwardly on the floor.

Now when I look at it I think of when I was a baby and how protective my family is. It was made in a factory Belgium sent to a shop in the Netherlands bought by my mum and was worn by me. I will travel to England and in the future, I will replace it with my son/daughters name.


This story was contributed by a pupil of The British School in The Netherlands.

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