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My silver cup

This is a cup made out of pure silver. It is from India, just like I am. It is a cultural belief that when a baby is born, you should feed him out of silverware, because the good and precious characteristics from the silver go into the baby. They make the babies smart, strong and precious.

This is my cup, so I was fed with it. I was born in New Delhi, India. Since 2011, I live in Brussels with my family. Today, both Brussels and India are my home. I am speaking Hindi at home and, in school, I speak English. I started to learn French.

I like Belgium, it is not too poor and not too expensive. And the Belgian streets are so clean compared to Indian ones. Every year we travel to India twice and visit our family. We also got my younger brother a silver cup there when he was born.

If I would not have had one, I could not become famous and I want to become an architect or an engineer.