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Happy's holy thread

My story begins with a phone call. It was my cousin’s mum calling. She said, ‘’I’m going to send you a holy thread and not only one holy thread, but two holy threads!” Also, on the same day, it was my cousin’s birthday so I wished him a happy birthday. The next day, she sent us holy threads (in a brown envelope) but it was not on a special day. Daddy gave me the one I wanted.

When I touch my holy thread, it feels rough and hard. When I think of my holy thread, it reminds me of India. I miss my classmates very much. I also miss my Grandma and Grandpa more than ever.

In the future, I want to be a designer. I want to design clothes that are bright and sparkly just like my bracelet. However, nobody knows if I change my mind. I will still keep my holy thread in the future in the pocket of my bag.

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