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Shells from home

A smell of the salty ocean and a small amount of bitterness covers the precious and ancient outside. The colourfulness of this rare object lives in a beautiful culture of a warm summer breeze, surrounded with mountains, standing like soldiers. This smooth treasure shines as bright as the lovely island itself. The special beauty stayed a thousand years, wishing for an adventure.

A camouflaged object sailed the sea and got lost! The special object was washed ashore with its rich and sea salted smell. The colourful creature smelt of the beige golden sand, in which they were living, resting and relaxing. A warm breeze surrounded the island I laid on. The golden sand glimmered on the beach, where only three special shells rested. It has never belonged to anyone so I decided to slowly reach for the three rare shells. I rapidly showed everyone and slipped them into my mum’s purse.

Later, it was the day before school and I found my glittering shells… It was then when I realised I found them two years ago!

When I look back, it reminds me of four things: summer, relaxing, adventures and most importantly home. The beautiful culture I lived in. It’s kept next to me on my only specialist box filled with glimmering glitters.
The aqua blue is where I found it. If I could go back to the same beach I would know the exact place I found it. It is always kept close to me. If I had to choose someone to keep it safe, it would be my closest friend. I can always look back at my three shiny and treasured shells and have the best memory of the week and of France, whenever I come back for vacations.

This story was contributed by a pupil of The British School in The Netherlands.

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