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My golden badge from Denmark

I was born here in the Netherlands. My Mum is Colombian, and my Dad is from Denmark and they both came here in 2007. My Grandma came here for a job teaching Spanish, however, my Dad lived in Brussels before he came here. They met on the beach, because my Dad noticed my Mum and they fell in love and got married. Three years later (in June 2010) I was born.

My object is a soldier’s badge. My Dad had it for 8 months, but I’ve had it for 2 months. It feels very cold and it's difficult to break. My Dad earned it for being captain of the soldiers. He got it for helping South Africa catching robbers and he helps poor people have what they need. My Dad also trains VERY hard.

Having my badge makes me feel like I'm seeing my family. It has helped me remember my Great Grandma, and my Grandma who helps me paint with watercolour.

I think I'll stay here for all my life, but I'm not sure? I am sure it'll be longer than four years, I really want to visit Paris again one day!

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