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Maanas's big family

My name is Maanas, I am 9 years old and my family is from India. I was born there but live in Brussels with my family and go back to visit my family in India every two years.

My grandfather on my father's side is from northern India and he worked hard in India during the 1950s and 1960s. He was one of seven children and they all knew and supported each other. He had a big family during this time but the more children there were, the less space there was so in 1980 my father moved to Heidelberg, Germany and his two brothers also moved to different places around the world but my grandmother still lives in the house until today.

My father met my mother, who is from Challapalli in India, in Heidelberg where they were both studying and he then took a job in Belgium in 2012 and we have been living here ever since.

In the pictures you can see my fathers family, there are 150 people although you can not see all of them in the picture. My grandfather is in the third row in the middle of the picture, he is the third from the left. My father is in the row at the back, the third from the right.

The second picture is of my mothers family, my grandmother is in the last row, she is the second from the left. My mother is in the front in the middle in a pink dress.

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