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My toy pig from Uzbekistan

My migration story is about a toy pig made out of rubber. When I was six and I was in my country, Uzbekistan, I was with a special person. The special person gave me this toy pig. I loved it. When I went back home, in the Netherlands, I went to my house with my mum and dad, trying to get past all the large bustling crowds.

When I went in my room, I played with the proud toy pig with my other toys. When I finished playing, I slept with it tightly because I never wanted to lose it ever, but I didn’t sleep, I just kept on playing so much. Then I took it to my table and wrote about how much I loved this toy, but when I noticed that, I was hugging it happily so I kept on hugging.

Then, when I stopped hugging the very cute rubbery toy I began to put it away on a pink colourful shelf near my bed. I put it where I could reach it. Then when I went to the kitchen, I played with it on the table alone, pretending to share my cucumber with him and for myself.

This story was contributed by a pupil of The British School in The Netherlands.

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