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My Grandma's Great Invention

I love computers and I even have a youtube profile and channel.

In my village everything is natural, no chemicals. My grandmother invented this powder. It is made of burnt husk with cinnamon. It is called Palla podi (teeth powder). She invented it in 1947, when my father was born.

In my grandma's village everything is natural and home made and nothing is polluted, except for tooth paste, which you can buy in the shops. My grand mother's village is in India. It is called Andhra.

I arrived 2 years ago in Brussels from India. I arrived with my parents and sister by plane. It took us 2 days because in Abu Dhabi I got sick and had to postpone the trip for a day and also forgot my passport and we had to wait.
We had a great time in Abu Dhabi watching the planes.

It was a secret, because my Mum's family would get worried and my Mum kept the secret until we got to Brussels, when she told them about my passport.

I got this powder from my grandma and then it was over I had to get some more back.

We use it for cleaning our teeth. When you add water or saliva it becomes black and it makes your teeth white and clean.

I don't like to use it. I only use it once a month. I prefer mint tooth paste.
We have it in the bathroom.

Grandma wanted us to have this because it is important for the family.
My sister likes it. Grandma has given the recipe to my Mum and also to the whole village so they can all prepare it.

She is very famous in the village. My grandpa is even more important. He owns the biggest rice mill in the village.

I have not been back to India since I got here, but will go this June for 2 or 3 months. I like it here in Brussels. I like technology. I love computers. I am beginning with HTML to be able to make websites. I give lessons every Tuesday in my school on computers.

I give these lessons with my friend Ricky. I adapt the lessons according to the level of the other students. I would like to be a badminton player and a scientist and, when I retire, I want to be a teacher.

I have a diary where I write private things that I will only tell when I am 30 years old.

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