Limassol Sea Front Buildings (AFTER 1960)

Limassol Sea Front Buildings (AFTER 1960)
The early 1940's. Idyllic moments along the quay. A few patrons at the seafront coffee-house, a koulouri (sesame-roll) seller with his cart, a shoeshiner, a coach, two or three automobiles, the mall still unpaid, a narrow street of 'slow access' and the historical buildings of the Continental Hotel and the Enosis (Union) Club.

Αρχές της δεκαετίας του 1940…

Limassol Beach Public Changing Rooms
Limassol Sea Front The New Mole (Widening of the road towards the sea)
Limassol Panorama Sea Coast
Limassol Sea Front IONIAN BANK LIMITES Building (BEFORE 1960)