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Beach ensemble, 1938. Arnson. Blue and white striped linen canvas, co-ordinated coat, shorts, jacket, belt and wood-soled canvas sandals. Beach ensemble in navy blue linen and white linen canvas with blue stripe. Sleeveless long coat in blue and white striped linen, patch pockets lined up precisely with stripe, white collar and lapels as well as breast pocket flap. Navy linen blouse-jacket, with puffed sleeves and shoulder-pads, striped linen sleeve bands and lapels. Welted breast and hip pockets. Single buttonhole with double button fastening. Blue and white striped linen shorts, stripes chevroned. Contrasting direction stripes on patch pockets, celluloid zipper at side, turn-ups. D rings and straps to fasten waist. Blue and white striped linen belt to fasten coat, square buckle. Sandals with heavy fluted high wooden platform soles, made in four sections to provide some flexibility, blue and white striped linen canvas uppers to match garments. Linen canvas, celluloid zipper and wood-soled sandals.