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Gábor R. visszaemlékezése

The interview was made for the Houston Holocaust Museum. Gábor was born in Budapest in 1940. The family’s ascendant was Rabby Leopold Lőw, the first reformer rabby in Budapest. Gábor mentions Hungarian men’s recruitment for forced labor service, and the organization of labor service battalion. Gabor's father got to Russia, they don’t know what happened to him. All the processes were going on are certified by the documents Gábor referred to, and which were sent to Jerusalem. The Germans promised that the train started would go to Israel. It was later revealed that the train would go to Bergen-Belsen. The crowd trusted in the Nazis and assembled in the asked place, and when they found out what the target was different from that, it was no longer possible to leave the place. They arrived at the camp in Germany in three days. Gábor and his younger brother were just 1 and 2 years old and were together with their mother and nanny. After the liberation they went to Switzerland, and settled down in a small town called Chasseral. Their mother was sent for psychiatric treatment and Gábor's younger brother also had mental problems. Later on, they were separated, and the children got to a family in Marseille, until they could travel forward to Australia. The Swiss government supported the refugees on travel forward from the country. They were in touch with one of their relatives by letter, who also lived in Australia and later in Israel. As children, they got to a Jewish family, but the woman treated them viciously. Gábor tried to write about the bad sircumstances and treatment in Marseille, and to ask for help, but they did not believe him. Finally, they returned to Switzerland to their mother. Gábor’s brother completed his studies and went to England. Later, due to his illness, he had also be taken to the psychiatric hospital, Gábor later took him back to Switzerland, where he placed him in an in-home. Gábor started to work after his studies, and as a citizen of Switzerland, he later joined the army and afterwards worked at Swissair. Their mother was a medical staff in Zurich. Gábor later got married, and they were committed to the medical profession with his wife. Gábor also decided to deal with healing others, because of the things happened to them in Bergen-Belsen and he experienced the serious health damage, deterioration of health. After got divorced from his second wife, he went back to America. From his third wife, a son and a daughter were born, but they got alienated from each other due to family reasons.