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Szobor töredékei

Fragments of a schematic representation
of a seated female figurine. The
figurine is broken at the waist and at the
knees where the legs were bent. The
waist and the upper body are conjoining,
the legs are missing. The head is
elongated and represented without the
neck. The face does not show facial
details, only the eyes and mouth (or
nose?) are represented by three tiny dots
arranged in a triangular form. The female
character of the figurine is represented
by two flat knobs depicting the breasts.
The arms were folded across in front of
the body below the breasts. The female
figurine sits on a short-legged stool
(throne) one of the legs of the stool is
missing. The bottom at the back is
strongly bulging. It is tempered with
micaceous sand and crushed pebble. It is
yellowish-brown with black fire clouding.
Height: 12,2 cm, width: 4,6 cm.