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Little girl - Big Brother

Recently in London's East End huge posters were put up . Posters of the brooding face of Big Brother . who , in the famous George Orwell story 1984 , was the ever present , mythical overlord of Oceania . 1984 is being filmed in England with Edmond O'Brian playing the part of Winston Smith , and Jan Sterling playing the part of Julia . The poster of Big Brother with the caption ' Big Brother is Watching You ' , attracted a little girl who was playing near the film location . She looked at his huge face in horror and astonishment , to her the grown -ups were playing a rather silly game which she did not understand . The face on the poster didn't look a bit like her own big brother . After puzzling over the problem , she gave up, and started her own game in the gutter , completely disregarding Big Brother and his cruel , hypnotic eyes .
PICTURE SHOWS:- ' Big Brother is watching me ? .
July 1955