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String of glass and faience beads. Shades of blue, turquoise/green, white and dark red. 53 multiple bead spacers: 47 comprising of 3 cylinder beads (13 darker cobalt-type blue, 29 turquoise-green, 1 white, 4 dark red) and 6 comprising of 2 cylinder beads (3 cobalt-blue, 3 turquoise). 17 of the bead spacers are flat on one main surface; 26 of them have at least one of their two suspension loops surviving intact; a further four have possible traces of suspension loops. In all but two cases these suspension loops are short cylinder beads; the other two are segmented beads. The colour of the suspension beads does not match that of the bead spacers in every instance. There are also 3 lentoid; 15 ring; 4 flattened sphere; 5 extended sphere; and 1 pear-shaped bead, all of various blue/turquoise/green shades.