The Aviary in the Arboretum

Oil postcard by Tuck's postcard 'Oilette'. The postcard shows the Aviary and people looking at it. The card has been used and is postmarked 12 April 1906. There is some information about the Aviary on the back of the postcard. The postcard was in a series number 7067. The Arboretum was given to the town by Joseph Strutt, designed by John Claudius London and was laid out between 1839 and 1840. It i…

Vittorio Carpi ritratto a figura quasi intera, frontalmente. Ritratto maschile
Dove Dolby ritratta a mezzo busto, di profilo. Ritratto femminile
The root of the matter
Boetti ritratto a mezzo busto, di profilo. Ritratto maschile