Pickfords motor wagon-van (Reg R 1559)outside Derby Industrial Museum

Derby Industrial Museum is housed in the rebuilt Silk Mill. The mill was built in 1717-8 by George Sorocold, for the Lombe Bros. by the site of an earlier 1702 mill. Silk production was not hugely successful in England at the time, but the Lombe Mill prospered after one of the brothers stole manufacturing secrets from Italy, and formed one of the first factories in the country. The mill building w…

Vittorio Carpi ritratto a figura quasi intera, frontalmente. Ritratto maschile
Dove Dolby ritratta a mezzo busto, di profilo. Ritratto femminile
The root of the matter
Boetti ritratto a mezzo busto, di profilo. Ritratto maschile