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"niento pero habbiamo, che di lei sia degna... Di Roma li di primo da Genaro 1607 Di V.S. Aff.mi et ublig.mi Ser.ri Sisto Badalocchi, e Giovanni Lanfranchi" 1607

"Si Stampano in Roma, Appasquino Appresso Giovanni Orlandi. 4" CRE BADALOCCHIO, Sisto; (Italian; 1581-1647) Third of three sheets of engraved text relating to the set of engravings by Lanfranco and Badalocchio which reproduce the paintings by Raphael and workshop in the Loggie of the Vatican. TIB seems only to list the title page, and not the three pages of text. Pasted into a binding with title Missale Romanum on spine, which also contains prints by Delaune of Biblical subjects.