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The Wharf (Shipping in Antwerp harbour)

49.0 x 58.0
mirogard protect magic glass b.r. inscr. "E Boudin" [not authentic signature?]; Stencil on back of panel:TABLEAUX MODERNES / AQUARELLES / LEON GERARD / PARIS / 18 RUE DROUOT 18"; Stamp on back of panel:J & RE/18 JUNE 1931; Inscr in chalk on back of panel "110"; inscr in crayon on back of panel "3346"; blue edged label on back of frame "No Boudin /31 1/2 22 1/2 / Mte Leon" CRE BOUDIN, Eugene; (French; 1824-1898) LABEL "Eugène Boudin was born into a seafaring family, and is best known for his paintings of sea and sky. Painting from nature, he excelled at capturing the effects of weather, and influenced many late 19th-century artists, from Whistler to Monet. Antwerp and its harbour were among his favourite painting grounds." Together with The Seashore, this picture was traditionally attributed to Boudin. Recently, however, the attribution has been questioned, partly because none of the buildings represented by the artist appear in any of Boudin?s genuine views of Antwerp, nor can they be identified. Should this work be a fake, it would have been produced during the painter?s lifetime or fairly soon after it, when Boudin was at his most fashionable. Boudin was much imitated in the late C19th and the signature is now thought to be a forgery.