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'Landscape with Travellers' from volume "Oeuvres de Vandremeulen [SIC]"

bound volume (65.5 x 50.5 x 5.5 cm) s. on plate b.r. "AF. Bauduins Scul."; inscr. on plate b.l. "AF. V. Meulen jn, et ex, cum privil. Regis." CRE BOUDEWYNS, Adriaen Frans; (Flemish; 1644-1711) PUB MEULEN, Adam Frans van der; (Dutch; 1632-1690) AFTER MEULEN, Adam Frans van der; (Dutch; 1632-1690) Part of William Hunter's original bequest, this volume contains 112 engravings after paintings made or published by van der Meulen. A Flemish Baroque artist who specialised in horses and landscapes, he was invited to work for Louis XIV as a painter of views of royal castles, hunting scenes, processions, travels and military campaigns. Travelling with the troops and sketching on the battlefield, van der Meulen's fresh style was influential in the development of the relatively new genre of battlescapes. Following the success of his paintings recording the campaigns in Flanders he had many of his works engraved. Most were included in the remarkable collection of engravings known as the Cabinet du Roi originated with Louis XIV's minister J.B. Colbert. By 1670 these engravings were published in volumes and presented as gifts to visiting dignitaries or offered for sale. Hunter's volume, still in its late 17th century binding, is a now rare surviving example. This print is one of a series of six landscapes with travelers, a common subject among 17th century Dutch and Flemish painters. Van der Meulen used a small group of engravers to copy his works, including fellow countryman Adriaen Frans Boudewyns.