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"Exposition au Salon du Louvre en 1787" 1787

IH s. on plate b. c. "P. A. Martini Faciebat"; inscr on plate b. c. "Lauda-Conatum / Exposition au Salon du Louvre en 1787 / A Paris chez Bonnet, Rue Guenegaud no 24 et a Londres no 7 St Georges Row, Hyde Park" CRE MARTINI, Pietro-Antonio; (French School; 1739-1797) PUB Bonnet (1) PUB Bonnet (2) Beraldi 12. Historical image of the Salon of 1787. Many of the paintings can be identified. Jacques-Louis David's Death of Socrates can be seen on the bottom row on the wall facing, to the left of the doorway. Other exhibitors that year included Alexandre Roslin and Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun.