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"Constanze Mozart" c.1789

48.0 x 42.0 cms CRE LANGE, Joseph; (Austrian; 1751-1831) This portrait of Constanze Mozart was painted by the composer's brother-in-law, Joseph Lange, a painter and well-known actor. Her only known portrait, it was one of a pair; both Constanze and Wolfgang sat to Joseph Lange in 1782. They were possibly painted to celebrate the couple's marriage that took place that year in Vienna. Mozart later referred to the two portraits in a letter to his father on April 3, 1783; 'The two portraits will follow. I only hope that you will be pleased with them. I think they are both good likenesses and all who have seen them are of the same opinion.' Mozart's own portrait was left unfinished, and is now in the Mozarteum, Salzburg.

Constanze Weber (1762-1842) was the third daughter of Fridolin Weber (1733-1779), musician and uncle of the famous composer Karl Maria von Weber (1786-1826). She married Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on the 4th of August 1782 and was the mother of six children. She survived Mozart and in 1809 married George Nikolaus Nissen (1765-1826), the biographer of Mozart.

Constanze's portrait was later given by Mozart's son, Wolfgang Mozart to a friend, the Czech musician Carl Vadar Hugo Zavertal. His son Vladislo settled in Glasgow in 1874, where he was active as a conductor, and presented Lange's portrait to the University in 1931.