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"Elizabeth Dutchess of Hamilton & Brandon and Dutchess of Argyll" 10/11/1770

IU "C.Read pinx:t Publish'd Nov.r 10th 1770. J:Finlayson sculpt. Elizabeth Dutchess of Hamilton & Brandon and Dutchess of Argyll Sold by J.Finlayson, Orange St, Leicester Fields" CRE FINLAYSON, John; (English; 1730-1776) AFTER READ, Catherine; (Scottish; 1723-1779) Elizabeth Gunning was a celebrated beauty, one of the two Irish born Gunning sisters. She was married to two of the wealthiest Scottish aristocrats, successively James, Duke of Hamilton, and Colonel John, later Duke of Argyll. Her sister Maria was Countess of Coventry, and the subject of a pendant portrait print (after Reynolds) by Finlayson. This print was engraved from a pastel portrait by the Scottish artist Katherine Read. The portrait is preserved at Inverary Castle, together with its pendant of Maria her sister. Catherine Read came from a Jacobite family. After the '45' she trained in Paris and Rome, and established an important career for herself when she returned to London in 1754. The date of publication of this print is the day after the death of the 4th Duke of Argyll, so perhaps was rushed out to take advantage of the news of her elevation, and that of her husband Colonel John, to Duke and Duchess of Argyll.