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Bacteriological microscope

"Sevice" W Watson & Sons Ltd. London 44993 UNIV. GLAS. SURGERY HALL FELLOWSHIP 7 (stamped on the microscope body tube). 2 X 6 G.U. SURG. 7 (stamped on the eye piece). PARA 2/3 IN WW G.U. SURG. 7 (stamped on one of the two objectives). PARA 1/6 IN .70 n.8 WW 12585 G.U. SURG. 3 (stamped on one of the two objectives). REVOLVE [arrow symbol] WW G.U. SURG. 7 (stamped on the nose piece). MANU W. Watson & Sons Ltd. 1929 Works High Barnet, Heartfordshire and London. Head Office 313, High Holborn, London, W.C.1. England This is a Watson "service" bacteriological monocular microscope with two parachromatic objectives. The body tube, with a double nose piece and micrometer adjustment, has a graduated draw tube which is supported by a curved limb attached by a compass joint to the pillar which is attached to the horseshoe base by a screw. There are two nickel plated microscope slide clips on the stage.There is a substage condenser with a diaphragm and mirror on a gimble attached to the pillar. The apparatus includes a mahogany carrying and storage case with a leather handle which was for a service microscope No 69613 dated 29/11/39. There is a wooden lens rack in the box which has 2 objective holders in black bakelite. There are 2 objectives and one eyepiece.