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Sketch of "Harmony in Blue and Gold: The Little Blue Girl" c.1900

Royal Inscr. [by Rosalind Birnie Philip]; v. ". . . [y]ou, I have advi[sed him] . . . / [to] buy Nellie's port[rait] . . . / [a]nd so did Mr. Ma[nsfield] / [w]ho has seen it c . . . / [s]eems inclined to . . ." CRE WHISTLER, James McNeill; (American; 1834-1903) The oil for which this is a study, "Harmony in Blue and Gold: The Little Blue Girl" (YMSM 421) was bought by C.L.Freer, Whistler's patron, in 1901. This painting is not to be confused with WhistLer's lost exhibit at the Society of British Artists 1886 (298); "Harmony in Blue and Gold" (YMSM 197). The portrait of Nellie Brown that is mentioned on the verso of this work was sold with the help of Howard Mansfield to Frank Lusk Babbott in August 1900.
Birnie Philip Bequest 1958.