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Lennox Castle Inn: designs for alterations September 1895

AtH d. and inscr. b.l. "Lennox Castle Lennoxtown 27th Sept. 1895 / Subject to condition that extra conducting / pipes are put down outside of house / to avoid rhones [?] passing in front of / the windows the above plans are / approved. / Cecilia Peareth [?] Lennox"; inscr. b.r. [not in Mackintosh's hand] "all slates" DES MACKINTOSH, Charles Rennie; (Scottish; 1868-1928) Honeyman & Keppie were commissioned to carry out alterations to this inn in 1895. Judging from the character of the design it was Mackintosh who undertook this small project, although his involvement was never officially recorded. The building was demolished in the late 1970s. Mackintosh drew on his recent sketches in Dorset. The hanging of the Inn sign and the proportions of the front elevation can be directly related to the studies made in Wareham and Lyme Regis.