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Balli di Sfessania: "Cap. Bonbardon y Cap. Grillo"" c.1622

RH inscr. on plate b. l. "Cap. Bonbardon"; inscr. in plate b.r "Cap. Grillo". CRE CALLOT, Jacques; (French; 1592-1635) State I/II and number 13 from the series of 24 pieces: "Balli di Sfessania", also called "Cucurucu", "Les Danses", "Les Pantalons", "Les Polichinelles", "Danse des Defesses". Etched in Nancy after drawings made in Italy, each plate usually has two characters from the Commedia del Arte, a little behind spectators and passer by, and in the background small landscapes. The plates are in the Musee lorrain de Nancy.