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"Sunflowers, Rue des Beaux-Arts" c.1893

Royal (1) s. with butterfly in plate; (between arches) u.c.
(2) inscr. in plate; "1801" (?)
(3) s. in pencil; v. "Nathaniel Sparks / Imp."
(4) inscr. in pencil; b.r. "2" CRE WHISTLER, James McNeill; (American; 1834-1903) PRINT SPARKS, Nathaniel; (English; 1880-1957) Throughout his career, Whistler was fond of exploring the subject of doorways and archways, paying particular attention to chiaroscuro effects, and the contrast of light and shadow in their mysterious openings and passageways. A group of figures can be seen emerging from the doorway on the left. This impression was printed by Nathaniel Sparks in 1903, after Whistler's death. The etching plate for this work is also in the Hunterian collection (GLAHA 50491).
Birnie Philip Bequest, 1958.