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"Adam and Eve" 1504

RU in plate s. & d. u.r. "ALBERT( ) / DURER/ NORICUS/ FACIEBAT/ AD 1504"
v. stamped "JAMcC"/; inscr. in pencil "17"; CRE DURER, Albrecht; (German; 1471-1528) C. D. 39, 5th state. Label: "In 1500 Dürer met Jacopo de' Barbari (c1460-1516), an engraver who had worked in Venice, and who first showed him the construction of a human figure using ideal proportions. In this virtuoso engraving, signed in Latin on a classical tablet, Dürer applied this ancient idea to the Bible story (Genesis 3), in which the serpent tempts Eve with an apple from the tree of knowledge. Dürer's figures are rigid, and resemble sculptures rather than naked flesh. "