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Bull fight depicted on one side of blade which bears hallmark reading "Valero[?] [Sar]agoza. Other side of blade has inscription - see notes MANU Unknown C19th Zaragoza (Saragoza), Aragon Spain Transcription: "Viba (viva) Prim y Serrano" or "Long live/Hail Prim and Serrano"
They are both military generals and liberal politicians of the second half of the 19thC. Juan Prim y Prats (1814-1870) was the leader of the Party of Progress, and Francisco Serrano Domínguez (1810-1885) was the leader of the Liberal Union. They both served the Bourbon monarchy during the minority of Elizabeth II and fought in the dynastic civil wars ("Guerras Carlistas") of those times. Nevertheless, after the coming of age of the queen, she always adhered to more conservative governments. Through military pronouncements they tried several times to overthrow the conservative government, which they finally achieved in 1868, through what they themselves called the "Spanish Glorious Revolution", or "La Gloriosa", deposing the Bourbon dynasty. First, Serrano became the head of the provisional government, although Prim apparently was more influential. Prim succeeded in putting a new king of a new dynasty, Amadeo I of Saboya, on the throne, after which he was assasinated. The new king lasted until 1872. After that, Serrano resigned together with the king. What followed was the First Spanish Republic and a few years later the return of Elizabeth II and the Bourbon dyansty.
(Information: Teresa Erice, April, 2006)