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The Large Passion: "The Kiss of Judas" c.1510

RU s. in block b.r. "AD" d.1510 t.l.; v. stamped "JAMcC"/ inscr. in pencil "(4)5" Watermark "( ) A" CRE DURER, Albrecht; (German; 1471-1528) From a series of 12 woodcuts. Dürer made 7 of the 12 large woodcuts of the Passion of Christ between 1497 and 1500. This print and the Last Supper are later additions, made shortly before the series was issued in 1511 as a book with text. Together with the Apocalypse and the Life of the Virgin, Dürer referred to the woodcut Passion as one of his 'great books'. The 37 woodcuts of his Small Passion were issued as a book in 1511.