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Baby Christ 1897

R s.d. on plate b.r. "MARGARET MACDONALD- / FRANCES MACDONALD- / 1897"; inscr. b.c. "AH BABY CHRIST SO DEAR TO ME - SANG BRIDGET/ BRIDE - MY BABY DEAR - HEART OF MY HEART/ SIT ON MY KNEE - SANG BRDIGET BRIDE -/ SIT HERE - O BABY DEAR - CLOSE TO MY HEART MY/ HEART - FOR I THY FOSTER MOTHER AM MY HELPLESS/ LAMB - O HAVE NO FEAR - SANG GOOD ST BRIDE -/ NONE NONE - NO FEAR HAVE I - SO LET ME CLING -/ CLOSE TO THY SIDE - WHILST THOU DOST SING -/ O BRIDGET BRIDE - MY LORD MY PRINCE I SING -/ MY BABY DEAR MY KING - SANG BRIDGET BRIDE -" DES MACDONALD, Margaret; (English; 1864-1933) DES MACDONALD, Frances; (English; 1873-1921) Bridget, the saint referred to in the inscription, was an Irish saint who died in Kildare in 1523. Christian subjects were used on a number of occasions in the work of the Macdonald sisters (see for example The Christmas Story) and particularly that of McNair.