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Conquests of the Emperor Qianlong: Storming the camp at Gadan-Ola ("On force le camps A Gadan-Ola") 1769

AH, unmounted s. on plate b. r. " J P LeBas Sculp. 1769"; inscr on plate b. c. "C. N. Cochin Filius direx"; inscr on plate b. l. "Joseph Castighloni Soc. JESU delin. 1765" CRE LE BAS, Jacques-Philippe; (French; 1707-1783) DES CASTIGLIONE, Giuseppe or Lang Shining; (Italian; 1688-1766) PUB Cochin, Charles-Nicolas; (French; 1715-1790) This is no. 2 in a series of 16 prints representing the conquests of the emperor Qianlong (1736-1796).
After seeing battle prints by the German painter Rugendas (1666-1742), the emperor Qialong decided to celebrate his own victories through prints, and asked the missionary painters working in Pekin, Castoglione, Attiret, Damascene and Sickelpart, to prepare drawings celebrating his military campaign in Upper Asia from 1755 to 1759.
The 16 drawings were then sent to France, where they arrived in 1766, and were engraved under the supervision of Charles-Nicolas Cochin. This series is a remarquable exemple of fusion between european and asiatique aesthetic. Complete sets are very rare.