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"The Triumph of Caesar; The Elephants"

RU inscr. in pencil v. "44"; inscr. stamped v. ".X."; stamped v. "JAMcC" CRE MANTEGNA, Andrea; (Italian; 1431-1506) school of Bartsch 12 a. From a series of seven engravings related to paintings (now at Hampton Court), The Triumph of Caesar series emphasises Mantegna's interest in the classical world. The seven images that form the series exist in more than one version, and are by various hands. This engraving is probably after Mantegna. In a style closely resembling ancient relief sculpture, the Triumph paintings and engravings are a convincing and detailed representation of an actual event, Julius Caesar's triumphal entry into Rome after his victory over the Gauls in 46 B.C. The paintings were commissioned by Duke Francesco Gonzaga, a military man, whose tastes may well have influenced the subject matter.