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Collection of Remy Perrier and Cepede. 'Holothuries'. '1 - Cucumaria; 2. Holothuria; 3. Benthodytes; 4. Cuc.incurvata; 5. Ypsilothuria; 6. Rhopalodina; 7. Pelagothuria.' Illustrations of Holothurian

CRE PERRIER R AND CEPEDE Paris France PUB MILLOT A PUB MONTAUDON JEAN Paris France PUB CHAMPENOIS F. Paris France This is one of a large collection of historical teaching charts formerly used in the Department of Zoology at the University of Glasgow. The charts were produced in the late 19th century and early 20th century by a variety of continental European publishing houses. In the days before slide projection, they were purchased for use in teaching undergraduates. They were hung up at the front of a lecture theatre and being of large size were visible at the back of the room. They were a standard teaching aid used by Universities all over the world. They address a wide variety of Zoological topics, current in the teaching of the day. Many are of considerable artistic merit and were based on the work of contemporary leading scientists.

This chart is framed and hanging in the Main Gallery at the Hunterian Museum.

This is a paper version of the chart currently on display in the Main Gallery in the Hunterian Museum.