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'(Typus) Molluska (Weichthiere), (Classe) Lamellibranchiata (Muschelthiere), (Ordnung) Asiphoniae (Muschelthiere ohne Siphonen).' Number 376. Taf XII. Anatomy of Asiphoniae.

PUB FISHER Th.G and Co Kassel Germany CRE LEUCKART Dr R CRE NITSCHE Dr This wall chart is from a collection produced by (Karl Georg Friedrich) Rudolf Leuckart (1822 - 1898), the famous German zoologist and parasitologist. Leuckart started his academic career studying medicine at the University of Gottingen but moved into Zoology, studying marine invertebrates and later parasitology. He was a brilliant teacher and researcher, attracting students from all over the world and making some key discoveries on the taxonomy of invertebrates and the biology of tapeworms. In 1869 he was appointed professor of Zoology at the University of Leipzig. His wallcharts (Wandtafeln) were produced between 1877 and 1892 were used world wide as teaching aids. At time of writing there is an excellent on-line exhibition of Leuckart's wallcharts at

The Leuckart charts are part of a larger collection of historical teaching charts formerly used in the Department of Zoology at the University of Glasgow. Other charts in our collection were produced in a similar manner in the late 19th century and early 20th century by a variety of continental European publishing houses. In the days before slide projection, all of the leading Universities in the world purchased these charts for teaching undergraduates. The charts were hung up at the front of a lecture theatre and being of large size were visible at the back of the room. They address a wide variety of Zoological topics, current in the teaching of the day. Many are of considerable artistic merit and were based on the work of contemporary leading scientists like Leuckart.

This chart has a mark forming the letters 'HN'. Could this be the signature of the original artist?