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copy of the King's Acknowledgement (George IV) of the gift of the seamless shirt made by Mr David Anderson

MANU HOBHOUSE, H. 1821 Glasgow Scotland The following is a copy of a Letter received by the Lord Provost of Glasgow regarding the Shirt lately manufactured without seams for His Majesty, by Mr David Anderson of this City.

Whitehall, March 1st 1821

My Lord
I am directed by Lord Sidmouth* to acknowledge the receipt of your Lordship's Letter of the 24th of February which his Lordship immediately laid before the King* together with the Shirt, manufactured in the loom of Mr David Anderson of the City of Glasgow without needlework or other assistance. His Majesty accepted in the most gracious manner this new and very curious specimen of the Art of Weaving, and, at the same time, to express his commendation of the ingenuity of the Manufacturer, His Majesty was pleased to command that Mr Anderson should be rewarded by a gift of £50* .
I have the honour to be, My Lord
Your Lordship's
Most obedient humble Servant
H. Hobhouse
The Lord Provost of Glasgow

Sidmouth - Unpopular Home Secretary responsible for a series of repressive measures dealing with social unrest in Britain
the King = George IV (1820-1830)
£50 in 1821 worth £3,152.29 today using the retail price index