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*Coelodonta antiquitatis* (Blumenbach 1803); woolly rhinoceros, distal fragment of left humerus with cast

Cadder, near Bishopbriggs, Lanarkshire, Scotland From a cross-bedded sandstone, Pleistocene Date given by Geochron Laboratories Inc. from 150gms with abundant collagen was given by Dr H. W. Krueger as 27,550 (+1370, -1680) years BP (GX0597 - 3rd March 1966).
27/10/2008 - new date from Roger Jacobi pushes it back a further 3,000 years BP. Loan 3019 extended to February 20th 2009 (now Loan 3053).
Cast borrowed - but not filmed - for 'Men of Rock' at Carmathie - 20/5/2010.