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'A Study for a the principal part of the cupola" from volume 2 of "A collection of prints in imitation of drawings" 1764

IH, unmounted s. on plate b. r. "W.W. Ryland sct. 1768"; inscr. on plate b. l. "Ant. da Correggio delt."; inscr. on plate b. c. "Apd. CR Editm."; inscr. verso c. in pencil "44 [circled]" CRE RYLAND, William, Wynne; (English; 1732-1783) AFTER CORREGGIO (Antonio Allegri); (Italian; 1489/94-1534) PUB ROGERS, Charles; (English; 1711-1784) This unbound volume is part of William Hunter's original bequest. Published by Charles Rogers (1711-1784), an eminent eighteenth century collector, it consists of 112 prints accompanied by introductory texts on the artists represented. It highlights the wealth of old master drawings held in contemporary private British collections and is among the most impressive art historical writings of 18th century England.
This drawing is one of 42 from Rogers' collection, one of the best in the country.
It appears to be a study for the Assumption of the Virgin. One of the works for which Correggio was best known was the fresco of this subject on the cupola or dome of Parma Cathedral. It is a fine example of the illusionistic work for which Correggio became well known. The originality of his work foreshadowed the Baroque and Rococo and he was as highly regarded as Raphael in the 18th century. This is one of three drawing by Correggio represented in the volume. The other two were lent by Joshua Reynolds who held Correggio in particularly high esteem.