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"The Forge, Passage du Dragon" 1894

Royal (1) s. in stone with butterfly; u.l.
(2) s. in pencil with butterfly; b.r.
(3) Watermark; "Baslerstab"
(4) Countermark: "IN"
(5) stamp; v. square stamp of Miss Rosalind Birnie Philip PRINT WAY, Thomas Robert; (English; 1861-1913) CRE WHISTLER, James McNeill; (American; 1834-1903) The passage du Dragon in Paris no longer exists, but its original location would have been within easy walking distance of Whistler?s house at 110, rue du Bac. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the area housed foundries and the workshops of ironmongers, coppersmiths and tinsmiths. Whistler drew such subjects on many different occasions, in a variety of different media. From Whistler?s correspondence of the time, it appears that the initial proofs for "The Forge, Passage du Dragon" were not a success. In his memoir of 1912, Thomas Way noted that "[Whistler] had to spend many hours working upon the stones before he got proofs to his liking". This is a first state impression, printed by Thomas Way. (See also GLAHA 49095/49095/49381 - 49384/49596/49652/49683 - 49685).
Birnie Philip Bequest, 1958.