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*Loxomma rankini*; holotype

Castlehill, 1 mile N. of Carluke, (Lanarkshire), [Strathclyde], [Scotland] in the bituminous roof shale of the Drumgray coal, [Airdrie blackband series], (Upper Coal Measures), [Westphalian A], Carb[oniferous (Upper)] A temnospondyl, of the Superfamily Loxommatoidea, Family Loxomattidae. Contextual information derived from the Transac Glasgow GeolSoc Supplement for 1871 (see refs). On loan to Jenny Clack from August 1993 as loan GEO:1071 (renewed as GEO:2311 in October 1999, and GEO:2510 in November 2001) - returned by JKI in June 2004. Tilley believed that, judging by the glue down one side, there had been further components of this animal, but these remain unidentified (and may have been separately catalogued as fish remains, prior to being disposed of as pyritic).