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Maori staff (taiaha)

old small rectangular printed label which reads "New Zealand" CULT Polynesian: Maori pre-1888 New Zealand Polynesia All highly born Maori males carried these staffs as insignias of rank. They were used for hand-to-hand combat and in ceremonial displays. One end is flattened to a narrow blade and the other is carved into a stylised double-faced Janus head with a long stuck-out tongue (arero), the traditional Maori gesture of defiance used before one's enemies. Maori weapons were highly prized as family heirlooms and battlefield trophies. They were considered to be sacred (tapu) objects and as such were kept out of sight when not in use. This object dates to the Te Huringa 1 period (1800-present) (Daniel Scott-Heaney, 2006)