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"Still Life and Rosechatel", previously catalogued as "The Red Chair" 1924

78.0 X 92.0 x 6.0
mirogard protect magic glass s. b. r. in grey paint "F.C.B. Cadell"; colourman stamp on back of canvas "Windsor and Newton"; label on back of canvas: "3585"; label on back of canvas in artist's hand: "Still Life / by / F.C.B. Cadell / 6 Ainslie Place" CRE CADELL, Francis Campbell Boileau; (Scottish; 1883-1937) According to Michael Gregory on 21/03/1985, the painting is in its original frame. Label: "In the 1920s, Cadell, the youngest of the Scottish Colourists, painted a series of studio interiors in fl at, brilliant colours, exploring texture, space and structure, of which Still Life and Rosechatel is a striking example. These interiors represent his most notable contribution to the development of modern art in Scotland. Rosechatel refers to the wine in the picture, a white Bordeaux.
Cadell?s use of a crisper, more angular technique and the use of primary colours is reminiscent of Peploe?s approach in his yellow tulip still lifes. The final touch was the use of a fatter paint in the centre, giving the impression of a glossier surface, and contributing to its overall sleek aspect."