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"Fishing Boat" 1880

Royal (1) s. on tab with butterfly and inscr. in pencil; "imp"
(2) collector's mark in red ink; b.r. "JG" in a triangle CRE WHISTLER, James McNeill; (American; 1834-1903) PRINT WHISTLER, James McNeill; (American; 1834-1903) PUB DOWDESWELL and Dowdeswell, Messrs This work is included in 'The Second Venice Set', or 'A Set of Twenty-Six Etchings', published by Dowdeswell and Dowdeswell, London, in 1886. "Fishing-Boat" is the only one of Whistler's Venice etchings to focus on a single boat. Whistler probably made this image while sitting on a gondola on the Lagoon in the summer of 1880. This allowed him to work away from the heat of the city. In the background, there is little to suggest the division between sea and sky, other than the lightly articulated buildings that appear to float on the water. (See also GLAHA 49897).
This work was purchased by the University of Glasgow from P. & D. Colnaghi & Co. Ltd. in January 1972.