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Gourd with fork

Painted label reads E558/2 MANU unknown Hawaii (Sandwich Islands) Polynesia The gourd has a rounded body tapering to the neck, with a working cork stopper and carrying frame of triangular knot work. The gourd is an orange colour and has a fork carved from a forked twig attached by string.
These gourds were highly valued objects; this type would have been used to carry food or water and possibly to eat from also. The knotted net or koko in which the gourd sits, would have suspended the gourd from a carrying pole balanced on the shoulders.
It may be the gourd mentioned in Captain Laskey's 1813 account of the museum, in which case it is likely that this gourd may have been brought back from the voyages of Captain James Cook. However such artefacts are extremely rare amongst collections of Cook objects because of their extreme fragility.