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George and John Smith of Chichester volume of 53 etchings and engravings: The shepherd in the wood after Rembrandt 1767

volume: 38.0 x 27.0 x 2.5 cms inscr on plate t. r. in reverse "Rembrandt 1644" CRE SMITH, John, of Chichester; (English; c.1717-1764) CRE SMITH, George, of Chichester; (English; c.1714-1776) PUB BOYDELL, John; (English; 1719-1804) AFTER REMBRANDT, Harmensz van Rijn; (Dutch; 1606-1669) NFA assisted purchase.
George and John Smith were brothers of William Smith, represented in our founder's collection by a Cavern Scene by Firelight (glaha 43816). Besides their activities as painters, the two brothers engraved a delightful series of prints published by John Boydell in 1770. Thirty-two of the prints were after their own landscape compositions, and the remainder reproduced seventeenth-century Dutch designs by Rembrandt and others. In about 1635 Rembrandt etched a group of four heads of men, in exotic dress. This series became known as the "Oriental Heads". All are powerful and dramatic images, magnificently detailed.