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*Steneosaurus durobrivensis*; vertebrae: dorsal (6), sacral (1), caudal (1), dorsal neural arch fragment (1), posterior left zygapophysis of dorsal (1)

Peterborough [district, Cambridgeshire], [England] [probably ex.] [Bed 10 (Hudson & Martill, 1994)], Oxford Clay [Formation, Peterborough Member, ("Gryphaea and Reptile Beds")], [*Kosmoceras jason jason* Zone],[Middle Callovian], [Jurassic (Middle)] Given the size, and the form of the likely caudal matching Andrews diagram (Text-Fig. 38), this specimen does seem more likely to be a steneosaur (specifically 'durobrivensis') than a metriorhynchid.

The Adams-Tresman formula for species determination cannot be applied, as no cranial features are present.