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Exposition Universelle Internationale 1900 - medal 1900

OBV: Victory, holding wreath, flying l., carrying youth holding torch; view of exhibition site below; rectantgular plaque below
Leg: EXPOSITION . UNIVERSELLE . INTERNATIONALE [around]; 1900 [field, r.]; J. WHISTLER [plaque]; J.C. CHAPLAIN [lower right field]
REV: head of France r., within branches of oak tree, with view of Paris to right
Leg: REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE ISSU EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE INTERNATIONALE DES CHAPLAIN, J C This is one of a group of medals awarded to the artist, James McNeill Whistler (1834 - 1903). See also 53554 - 66, 53569 and 53585. Birnie Philip Gift, 1935, not lendable.