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A nude looking down to the left

CRE WHISTLER, Beatrix; (English; 1857-1896) The Hunterian collection contains 35 large-scale studies of nude women and children by Beatrix Whistler. They are all drawn in charcoal or black and white chalk on brown paper. Some of the poses are similar to drawings by Whistler, but the style and large scale is very different. Where Whistler's line is soft and delicate, Beatrix Whistler emphasises the weight of the pose, muscular curves and soft skin of her models by using strong lines and rubbed chalk. It was unusual for a Victorian woman to have access to nude models, but Beatrix Whistler would have been accustomed to this practice, from her youthful education in the studio of her father, sculptor John Birnie Philip (1824-1875), and her later work beside her husbands E. W. Godwin (1833-1886), architect and designer, and Whistler. She certainly hired models to sit for her from the late 1870s, and could have attended life classes in Paris when the Whistlers lived there in the 1890s.

Birnie Philip Gift, 1935 - not lendable