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'Isaacus Newton Eq: Aur. (1642-1727) (Isaac Newton)' from volume "Mezzotintoes by Smith Vol I" 1712

bound volume (dimensions 54 x 38 x 6) inscr. on plate below image "Isaacus Newton Eq: Aur."; inscr. on plate b.l. "G. Kneller Eques pinx."; inscr. on plate b.r. "J. Smith Fecit et ex. 1712."; inscr. on page t.r. hand-written in brown ink "81"
CRE SMITH, John; (English; 1652-1743) AFTER KNELLER, Godfrey, Sir; (English; 1646-1723) PUB SMITH, John; (English; 1652-1743) Part of William Hunter's origiā€¦